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It’s no secret that smart homes are the way of the future, as has been pointed out numerous times this year in the tech world. People are using smart home technologies to add security to their homes, cut down on energy costs, start businesses of their own, and even increase property and home value. morConnect understands first-hand the importance of having smart home technology in every home to help families feel safe and secure.

After two years of running a successful smart home business based in Mississauga, CA, morConnect is proud to share they have decided to use their experience, resources, and drive to start helping small businesses in their industry succeed!

In order to do their part to assist small businesses in bringing these opportunities to their clientele, morConnect has started purchasing revenue streams from over 15 companies in Ontario that sell smart home services to make the products and services more affordable for the everyday family.  Specifically, they have officially begun financing smaller smart home vendors and their customers to help broaden their scope, product availability, and overall success. 

Upgrading to a smart home can cost thousands of dollars if you are looking to do it all in one shot. With the new financing opportunities, morConnect is providing, families all over Canada can now protect themselves and their loved ones without breaking the bank.

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