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Morconnect’s push for a smarter home has been greater than ever. Why? Because it is unavoidable.

As technology continues to become more efficient, forward-thinking homeowners are trying to find ways to integrate technology and automation in their homes so that they are better prepared to deal with the substantial shifts that are happening to society, the environment, and the economy.

Indeed, housing experts anticipate that the next generation of “smart” homes will be outfitted with a range of technologies that will make home living easier, safer, more convenient, and more comfortable than ever before. The following technologies and trends will completely revolutionize the next generation of smart homes for homeowners. 


Finding Ways to Integrate New Technologies

Remember those days of having to look through a peephole to see who was knocking at your door? In the next generation of smart homes, those days will likely be finished, as new homes will be outfitted with high-resolution front door cameras that have built-in facial recognition software. These front door cameras will be ideal for smart homeowners who live in fast-paced cities who have delivery drivers, postal service workers, and other people dropping packages off at their front door.

According to technologists, smart home owners will be able to connect their facial recognition software with their door lock security system. This will allow different members of a family to quickly and safely enter their home without needing to find their keys.


The Importance of 5G in Smart Homes

Another new technology that will play a vital role in the next generation of smart homes is 5G. 5G is a wireless communication technology that will allow the smart homes of the future to connect with the rest of the world more efficiently. 

5G will be crucial for future generations of homeowners because the technology completely removes the need for wiring for things like televisions, telephones, and the Internet.


Finding Ways to Power Smart Homes 

Skeptics of smart homes are probably wondering, “All of this technology sounds great, but how will there be enough electricity for all of these devices?” In the next generation, when neighborhoods are full of smart homes, each neighborhood will have its own direct energy resource station that is connected to the homes in the neighborhood. This system will be customized to the different energy needs of the residents living in the community, helping cut down on needless utility costs for smart home owners.

Are you interested in integrating more technology into your smart home? morConnect can help! Ali Mohamed, the Vice President, wants to keep the residents of Ontario and all of Canada safe by using Smart technology in homes across the country. They offer a variety of financing options so you can find the right fit for you and your home. 

At morConnect, we are all about utilizing the latest technology to keep our clients safe, happy, and comfortable. The COVID pandemic has created new challenges for many people, but it is our goal to use new tech to help boost spirits during this time. Because of this, the company is giving away 1000 Google Minis to their customers.