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As technology continues to infiltrate various aspects of our lives, smart home automation is gradually receiving a fair share of attention. Thanks to this upcoming trend, entrepreneurs can utilize the opportunity and develop businesses focusing on specific aspects of smart home automation. Here are some of the upcoming changes in smart home automation that may also double as business opportunities that we use at morConnect.

Voice-controlled Internet of Things Devices 

Smart home automation focuses on creating convenience for home occupants. Creating the internet of things makes devices capable of sharing information and making instantaneous decisions through voice control is a major trend. Research has shown that 72% of the US population prefers smart home devices, which have inbuilt voice assistants. The idea is to have home appliances, such as microwaves, ovens, cleaners, televisions, clocks, and even doors, which can operate through voice commands.

Internet of Things Lighting Systems

Homeowners are particularly sensitive to the cost of electricity. The development of the internet of things lighting systems is a major trend that can serve as a business opportunity for an entrepreneur. The idea here is to develop lighting systems that are capable of switching on and off in communication with other home devices and appliances. For example, the lights in your bathroom can switch on whenever you open the bathroom door, thereby eliminating the need for you to flick a switch physically.

Smart Kitchen Systems

The kitchen is one of the frequented areas within the house. Developing smart kitchen systems and appliances that can help automate the kitchen to ensure great convenience and good resource utilization. There are various possibilities when it comes to the internet of things solutions for a smart kitchen. For example, developing taps which can automatically open when they sense hands beneath them, can be a great convenience.

Cars Connected To Smart Homes

As we move towards an integrated lifestyle, where we can control appliances remotely, the area of automating our cars to ensure integration and interconnection with our smart homes can also make a huge difference. For example, when coming from work and approaching your gate, you do not have to get out of the car to open it, sensors installed on the gate can recognize your vehicle’s registration number and automatically open the gate. This level of smart home automation is a major game-changer that is proving a huge trend and which one can focus on as a business opportunity.