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Climate change and environmental consciousness are one of the most defining features of this epoch; smart home technology, which helps homeowners lower their carbon footprints and energy consumption, has become one of the most in-demand and sought-after features among the real estate market. morConnect is here to help achieve these milestones. 

In 2020, home buyers want to know that the property they’re purchasing will be able to help them live greener lives, give back to the Earth through everyday actions and help them save money on utilities.

In addition, smart home technology can be used to improve showings and close deals sooner. Knowing how to effectively demonstrate smart home technology during a showing can help both agents and independent sellers alike.


More Showings Through VR

Virtual reality showings are gaining popularity, allowing prospective buyers to explore a home in its entirety without ever stepping foot on the property. A VR headset installed at your office could help buyers preview multiple listings in a single day, saving them money on transport and not interrupting the seller’s schedule.


Greater Showing Flexibility With Smart Locks

Smart locks are now the most popular form of home security systems. These locks can be monitored and activated from a distance using mobile applications, which provides a greater sense of control to owners. Sellers and agents can also utilize these locks to their advantage; rather than having to be home when a showing takes place, sellers can remotely lock and unlock the door for agents who are giving a tour.


The Perfect Temperature With Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats also provide remote control from thousands of miles away; agents and sellers can ensure a house is an optimal temperature before buyers ever walk through the door. In addition to improving showing conditions, a smart thermostat is a responsive piece of technology that can be highly enticing to buyers.


Create Ambiance With Smart Speakers

Built-in smart speakers can provide a source of entertainment and convenience for buyers. From the showing standpoint, they can be used to play relaxing music that instantly puts buyers at ease. Smart speakers can even be equipped with motion sensor technology that causes music to play the minute people enter a room.

To get extra crafty, narrations of the home’s greatest features could be recorded and programmed to play upon entry.


Set the Scene With Smart Lighting

Smart lights save money and can be fine-tuned with just a few taps on a smartphone. For a showing, they can be adjusted to capture the perfect mood and highlight the home’s best features.

Most importantly, a smart home technology showing should include plenty of hands-on interaction from buyers. From learning voice commands to activating certain features, the best selling point is always a memorable experience.


Smart home technology has the potential to attract more potential buyers to your home when it’s on the market. If you’re interested in adding cutting-edge technology to your home, Ali Mohammad and MorConnect are more than happy to help! Visit to learn more about you can have morSafety, morSecurity, morSavings, and morComfort.