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Smart homes were once almost the sole purview of the uber-wealthy. Today, however, more and smarter home features are making their way into the mainstream and even the most modest homes can now be smart homes. Investing in a smart home can also be a smart investment. Here are three reasons you may consider investing in a smart home.

Safety & Security

Smart homes offer a number of safety and security features that allow you to monitor your home around the clock and from wherever you are. Motion-activated cameras can alert you if there is movement in your home when you are away. Video doorbells can not only save you an early morning trip downstairs to find a solicitor on your doorstep but can also record any suspicious activity outside your home to send to neighbors or the police. Smart smoke alarms and CO2 detectors can also send alerts to your phone, which can help you quickly alert emergency personnel in the case of an actual emergency. With a smart door lock, you can even let them in the front door to quickly rescue pets. 


During the summer, the best time to water your lawn or dry your clothes is in the middle of the night when temperatures are the coolest. Timers on your sprinkler or your dryer can be set to go off at a certain time, but they also have to be programmed, just like your thermostat or your coffee pot. A smart home, however, allows you to program a number of different appliances to perform a wide range of functions at specific times using only the sound of your voice. No more complicated manuals and confusing instructions. Just tell your home hub what you want and it will do the rest.


Smart thermostats use a number of different sensors to detect which areas of your home need to be heated or cooled. Not only can they regulate an even temperature throughout your home, but they can also save you a great deal of money by automatically raising and lowering the temperature when you leave or go to bed and just before you wake up or arrive home. Smart sprinklers will not turn on if they detect that the ground is already wet or if rain is on the way, which can save you a great deal in water costs.

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