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The smart home revolution has already kicked off and morConnect is leading the way. Fast forward a decade or more and some of the common household features will nearly seem impossible. With technology evolving at warp speed, homes are becoming more and more integrated with smart-driven features. Robotics technologies will be particularly revolutionizing, as the long-standing dream of robotic household maids is thought to be a certain eventuality. All household appliances will eventually be controlled by a centralized user interface accessible on mobile devices or even from a car’s dashboard control panel. All of the features that are available today like lighting and temperature controls will offer users far more fine-tuning than ever before. Here are some awesome products to help get you started.

Cleaning Robots

The smart homes of the future will do most of the household chores and cleaning on their own. Various autonomous robots will silently work while household members are sleeping or are away, making sure that the home stays spotless year around.

Smart Toilets

The toilets of the future will not be anything like what they are today. Instead of only possessing flushing features, they will possess waste analysis, allowing users to be altered to health problems. They will be self-cleaning, self-flushing, heated, and fully digitalized.

Energy Efficiency

Using blockchain and other advanced technologies homeowners of the future will be able to fine-tune and track their energy consumption like never before. They will be able to see every minute detail about their energy use down to the specific volume used per appliance. They will even be able to select the type of upstream energy source they use at the push of a button.

Smart Appliances

In the future, every appliance within a home will possess smart features. The appliances will all be synchronized to a centralized user interface, giving the user up to the second information on refrigerator inventory, laundry status, dishwasher cycles, and much more. Home residents will be able to control everything within their home remotely from wherever they are.

Next Level Home Security

Smart homes of the future will offer their residents not just 24/7 video surveillance streams, but every square inch of every home and property will be viewable on video due to highly advanced panoramic security cameras. Homes of the future will be a digital fortress of technology-driven security.