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A home is among the most precious and valuable commodities individuals can possess. Protecting such an asset is often a significant priority. One method of garnering this protection is through the installation of smart home security. This action could additionally provide numerous important benefits that include:

Crime Deterrence

Studies have shown that homes possessing discernible security systems deter crime like robberies and burglaries. In fact, some of these studies also concluded that neighborhoods in which only selected homes with security systems experienced fewer incidents of criminal activity than in residential areas containing few or no homes with security systems. MorConnect has installed thousands of smart home devices, we know the best locations when it comes to smart home upgrades.

Close Monitoring

MorConnect believes when it comes to smart monitoring, no one can do it better than you! Many security systems provide subscribers the ability to monitor activities in and around their homes. In many instances, home security companies create applications that subscribers can access that allows them to not only view the comings and goings at their homes but perform activities such as switching on lights and locking doors for mobile devices or computers.

Protection Against Fires

In addition to providing security against detrimental human forces like criminals, many home security systems also contain smoke and fire detection sensors. Certain security systems might also possess the capacity to warn subscribers of dangerous heat sources or other potentially detrimental circumstances that could precipitate the onset of fire. MorConnect smart CO2 and smoke detectors can notify your smart thermostat when there is a CO leak. This would prevent further injuries. 

Carbon Monoxide Detection

Numerous security systems possess the capability to detect carbon monoxide. This colorless and odorless noxious gas can be emitted from automobile fumes and other common household items such as stoves and heating systems. Chronic exposure to lower levels of this substance could cause serious health problems. Exposure to significantly large concentrations can prove fatal. Owning a security system with this safeguard can not only save the lives of homeowners and their loved ones but avoid the need to purchase a separate carbon monoxide detector.

The Watchful Eye Of A Security Company

Homeowners who purchase security systems obtain the additional protection of having their dwellings monitored by the company in question 24 hours per day and seven days a week. This close monitoring could prove valuable when homeowners are away for extended durations such as while on vacation. Our Nest Cam Outdoor provides you with the reassurance of 24-hour monitoring, with ease and convenience. 

Reduced Home Insurance Rates

Many home insurance companies will offer reduced coverage rates to homeowners who purchase smart security systems. Contact your insurance company for further details.