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Home burglary and other property crimes continue to be the most common crimes committed. While it is impossible to completely prevent these common crimes, an extra layer of protection will always come in handy. The best way to add this extra protection is by installing security cameras around the house. In order for these cameras to work properly, they need to be positioned in the right spots. These are the four best places to install security cameras.

All Entrance Doors

The vast majority of criminals will enter the home using the front, back or side door. Putting a camera over all of these doors allows you to see everyone entering the house at all times. These cameras can also come in handy if you think someone is stealing the mail or packages.


Criminals do not have to enter the house to cause a problem. Cars are extremely expensive pieces of property that sit relatively unprotected in the driveway. This is why it is very important to have a camera overlooking the driveway. It is also a good idea to get a view of the garage door with the camera. Opening a garage door is relatively easy, and it gives the criminal access to a lot of tools, equipment, and other expensive belongings.

Living Room

The living room is where most people keep their television, video game console, stereo equipment, and other expensive electronics. This often makes the living room the first stop for criminals after illegally entering a house. Since this is likely where the criminals will focus most of their time, it only makes sense to have video surveillance in the living room. This camera can also come in handy when trying to keep tabs on a babysitter or repairman.

Main Hallway

While every home has its own unique design, they all have a main hallway that connects the rooms. Since this hallway is the only way to travel throughout the house, it needs to be monitored at all times. If the other cameras miss the criminal entering the house, then they will surely be seen walking in the hallway. This is the perfect way to catch sneaky criminals that enter the home using nontraditional methods.

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