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As technology becomes more and more advanced, it is becoming a part of many people’s everyday lives. A growing trend in architecture is working with technology to create “Smart Homes” that can make homes more convenient for their owners. morConnect’s goal is to help you feel more secure and comfortable in your home. 

Here are some of the Smart Home movements that Ali Mohammad, Vice President of morConnect, predicts will become more and more popular in 2020.

Domestic Robots

For many people, their first introduction to household robots was through the Roomba and other automated vacuuming machines. However, companies are starting to expand into a variety of other machines that can mow the lawn, clean, and cook. Humanoid robots with a simulated personality and range of functions are still decades away, but manufacturers are using robot technology to assist with all sorts of chores.

Healthcare Technology

As the Boomer generation continues to age, more and more companies are starting to focus on healthcare for homes. This helps reduce the workload for doctors and ensure seniors are taken care of even if they do not have many children or a robust retirement portfolio. Many devices are wearable items that monitor health levels and let people get emergency care when necessary. These smartwatches can be linked to medication dispensers, refrigerators, and other home appliances to make it easier to stay healthy.

More Standardization

A common need for many homeowners is the ability to integrate multiple devices in a single home. With less consumers interested in purchasing all their items from a single, exclusive brand, companies are realizing they need to offer more standardization if they want to attract customers. Major companies like Google, Amazon, and Apple are working together to create standards that let a variety of technologies and systems work together.

Technology That Learns

Smart technology is actually starting to live up to its name with technology that is programmed to change and grow. As home appliances get more data on their users, they can adapt their behavior to better assist users. This is already prevalent in some smart thermostat systems, but in the future people can expect to see it more in refrigerators, security systems, and more. Technology with AI and machine learning may be particularly helpful in home hubs that control other appliances.

If you’re interested in a more safe and secure home, contact morConnect today! They can provide high-tech solutions for only a small payment each month.