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at morConnect, we know a smart lock when we see one. But how do you know it is really a smart lock and not a lock that will let unwanted people in?

A smart lock is a type of lock that uses electromechanics to lock and unlock doors. Smart locks don’t need physical keys to open and close doors. Instead, smart locks are operated through the use of a remote device. For most modern smart locks, the remote device is usually a smartphone. There are a variety of smart locks that are available to customers. Many of these locks have numerous different features integrated into their systems, such as access to the locks from smartphone devices or the ability to send alerts for when a door has been unlocked. Though smart locks are a great feature for any home to have, customers should consider these things before purchasing their own smart lock systems.

The Features

Customers may not need all of the bells and whistles that are featured on many new smart lock systems. A person should determine the exact features that they want on their smart locks before making a purchase. Some smart lock systems include video camera systems, so a homeowner is able to monitor their home from a remote device, like a smartphone. Additionally, several of these smart locks also feature motion sensors that trigger the video camera systems when motion is detected outside the home.

A homeowner should aim to purchase smart locks that can work when a variety of things go wrong. Unexpected events, like power outages and dead phone batteries, can cause issues for some smart lock systems. Therefore, it is important for homeowners to take these factors into consideration when they are purchasing their smart locks. Additionally, a homeowner should choose a system that is both simple and flexible with their needs.


A customer will want to choose a smart lock that will work well with the doors of their home. Many manufacturers include the specifications for the doors that their locks will fit on. It is crucial that a customer reads these specifications prior to purchase to ensure that their lock system will fit properly on their doors.


Smart locks can cost a lot, depending on the features that a customer chooses. While a person is paying for the security of their home, it is important that a customer also factors in the cost of the features they are considering placing in their homes, as to not encounter any surprises down the road.