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If your house was constructed in the 90s, it probably missed out on the modern-day home tech gadgets and installations. Luckily, you still have an opportunity to make tech upgrades that increase the value of your home. Most of these features will transform your home from the antique appearance to a decently modernized home. MorConnect has successfully installed thousands of smart home devices in Ontario alone. 

Installing Smart Door Locks

Tech-enabled door locks are great features to include in any home, especially for anyone who has experience with the hassle of forgetting their keys. The capabilities and features of these locks are diverse with the latest technology, and provide users with the ultimate flexibility to essentially unlock their doors anytime they wish. 

Smart Lighting

The lighting system of your old house can be reinvented to include an automated and smart lighting system. Smart lighting system comes with varying features, including the ability to control the tone, intensity, and brightness of your lighting using a mobile app. Additional features range from the system’s ability to automatically adjust lighting within the house depending on the time of the day.

Climate Control

The entire system of air conditioning and climate control can also be changed to include a system that can automatically detect and adjust climate within the house using the Nest Smart Home thermostat. The microchips contained within the thermostats can detect a number of internal climate features, such as temperature, humidity, and dust, and consequently take the right action to ensure optimal or pre-set climate conditions.

Automated Curtain Systems

This is another home feature that you can either install or upgrade in your house to give it a spruced value. The idea, in this regard, is to have curtains that can be opened at the touch of a button or even remotely controlled using a smartphone app. The curtains can also be programmed to automatically draw themselves closed at certain times of the day or when the in-house lights are switched on.

Home Security System

Smart and digitized home security is a standard feature in most modern homes. They include systems that can automatically detect an intrusion and raise the alarm on multiple platforms, including sending notifications on your mobile phone or even calling the police. This feature is a great addition to your home that can substantially increase its value as it is a luxury necessity for every modern house.